The only easy to use, cost effective, cloud-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition system on the market.

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Vehicle access control

Cost effective centrally web based management of vehicle access control for multiple local or remote sites and access points. Forget about troublesome swipe cards and expensive manned gates. ANPRonline.Net™ provides all the tools you need to easily manage the most complex of site access controls scenarios with an simple cost per transaction pricing model.

Monitoring and security

Monitor, control and analysis of vehicle movement in and around your site using specialised intelligent cameras and our sophisticated LPR backend. With a prepackaged collection of interface options, management reporting and tools, ANPRonline.Net™ provides an easy to use, easy to implement solution for private and public entrances, roadways and car parks.

Global but local

Sold globally, with multi-lingual and multi-plate support, by local professional IP Camera system integrators. Local suppliers but redundant worldwide distributed architecture for high fault tolerance. Is your environment and deployment model unique? ANPRonline.Net™ provide a comprehensive set of Web Services and APIs to suit as well as full developer support for any customisations.